2016 Data Science Day

The 2016 Data Science Day, co-sponsored by Blue Space Labs, was organized by Bala Krishnamoorthy, Hiajun Li, Matt Sottile, and Kevin R. Vixie. It was aimed at the intersection of mathematics and data science. The format was not that of a typical conference: the talks were all either 15-20 minutes (3 of those from visiting data scientists) or about 10 minutes long (12 of these from faculty and students) and the primary focus was open problems.



There were six talks focused on open questions in analysis/geometric analysis that the speakers were interested in, mostly from the perspective of questions that were of both pure and applied interest, with applications to data science. Another five focused on challenges related to networks and graphs of one variety or another. Two speakers talked about financial mathematics and data. One talk explored open questions in two areas: crypto-currency and machine-learning driven formal proof verification in mathematics and another talk looked at bioinformatics and image analysis.

The event started at 9:20 am. After the longer talks by the three visiting Data Scientists (Patrick Campbell, Mark Ettinger, and Matt Sottile) there was discussion and 5 or 6 of the faculty talks on open problems, a pattern that was repeated two times after the lunch organized and set up by Enrique Alvarado, Yunfeng Hu, Hossein Noorazar, and Kellan Toman. In addition to the talks there were many periods of discussion, both in the form of audience/speaker interaction and a two+ hour discussion session with many small groups gathering around their spot on the whiteboard wall or in one of the offices to discuss ideas.  After this, almost all of the participants went to dinner together.





Senior Participants: Patrick Campbell, Hongbo Dong, Mark Ettinger, Bala Krishnamoorthy, Haijun Li, Alex Panchenko, Matt Sottile, Predrag Tosic, Kevin R. Vixie, Yuan Wang, David Wollkind, Hong-Ming Yin

Student Participants: Enrique Alvarado, Alden Bradford, Yufeng Cao, Ziyi Chen, Allison Fisher, Prashant Gupta, Yunfeng Hu, Wei Li, Michael Newsham, Hossein Noorazar, Vlad Oles, Laramie Paxton, Ben Rapone, Henry Riely, Adebo Sijuwade, Wendy Skulpakdee, Kellan Toman, Yan Xing, Rui Huang, Xinyu Wang, Jie Zhao