Hossein Noorazar


Oswald Weblen says: ” Mathematics is · · · a thing to be valued in and for itself, like art or poetry.” Mathematics is an art, but you need to dig a lot to see its beauty. When words come together, one after another, as stones that make a bridge, from given facts to the proof of a claim, you can see its beauty. I like it and I do it … and I hate it when people ask me what I would do with my math degree!

I am excited about joining this group and especially Dr. Vixie. Somebody made Dr. Vixie and I meet and we became friends. (And then that person who made us meet was gone, but that is another story). I am lucky and grateful to have him as my friend, and I think math department is fortunate to have him. I have enjoyed watching this group form and grow: People are communicating, learning and are having fun together! And now I am a part of it.

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Email: hnoorazar@math.wsu.edu