Justin Theriot


When I was 24, I ran a 55km ultra-marathon. Not for the love of running but because I needed to challenge myself.

While I was running, I thought about quitting approximately 1,000 times, I even fell over as all the muscles in my thighs seized, questioning if I will ever leave the house again. But despite mental and physical fatigue, and the nausea of forcing down another energy gel, I kept going. I’m that person. Once I say I’ll do something, it will happen.

Now, as I am slightly older my thirst for challenge has taken a different path.

After 10 years in the Air Force I separated becoming a data scientist working on economic development in the United States. As I began pouring over terabytes of structured and unstructured data I realized I needed a deeper understanding of mathematics to fully understand how our economy worked – the economic models I learned in graduate school were not sufficient.

So I did some research, then reached out to Kevin, we immediately began discussing and sharing ideas about economics, politics and mathematics. I knew I needed to study under him – what I was going to study I had no idea but I knew he would provide the correct direction.

His patience curating my erratic ideas has lead me to begin working at the intersection of geometric measure theory, topological data analysis and economics.