Laramie Paxton


I am now in my second semester here at WSU and getting settled in and really enjoying the college environment. For example, I have put in a tremendous effort to learn the background necessary to more fully engage with Geometric Measure Theory and all the wonderful related areas it intersects. Beyond the ability to sit and study mathematics day-in and day-out, there is a creative approach to analysis in general that is starting to become more fluid, especially apparent during a recent analysis project.

I have been working in a few research areas, such as representations of sets in Rn and an intriguing integral involving Hausdorff measure. I am excited to be finishing an expository paper with Kevin Vixie on Cubical Coverings and hope to present at several upcoming events this spring. I am also very pleased to be teaching a large class in Business Calculus this spring, as it is my first time teaching calculus. Here’s to a successful 2017!

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