Patrick Campbell



In the eighth grade I had the good fortune of being introduced to Kevin Vixie. Kevin mentored me for a project on artificial life and intelligence, streams of thought that have been with me since. My interest in mathematics really started as an interest in philosophy. But after realizing that philosophy as a field is not synonymous with truth seeking, mathematics resonated as an alternative route. I called Kevin and a grander mentorship began.

In college I studied math, and went to Los Alamos during the summers to work with Kevin on image analysis and tomography problems. I went to UMN for my Ph.D. in mathematics. After a winding path that took me by invariants of Lie group actions, and general relativity, I researched computational neuroscience under the guidance of Duane Nykamp, and Michael Buice of the Allen brain institute.

After graduate school I got a job with Geographic Communication Systems, developing models for population health risk assessment. Currently, I’m applying methods from Bayesian networks to estimate effects of interventions on populations.

(photo from Patrick’s graduation celebration)