Prashant Gupta


I always enjoy working at the interface of computers and mathematics, but my journey to study applied mathematics is not straight forward. First, I did my bachelors in mechanical engineering in India. Then worked for around 1.5 years in structural analysis. After working for couple of months, I realize that I need deeper understanding of numerical modeling in structural analysis. Then I did my masters in mechanical engineering from University of Colorado, Boulder. During my masters, I went for an internship for mechanical software company in California. While working there I realized that, although I like the work, but not interested to do research in it. While exploring for something interesting, I came to Washington State University. When I took Bala Krishnamoorthy classes on computational topology, network optimization, I understood that this is the kind of work I wanted to do. Since then I am working with him and enjoying every bit of detail.

My research interest lies in network optimization, integer programming, computation topology and algebraic topology. It is a hobby for me to observe how the things are connected to each other. I also like distributed computing from both programming and algorithmic point of view.

“We all live in a world of multiscale, although things can be different in each scale but they are all connected in one way or another”.

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