Ritche Long


My journey began with a rather small spark of creativity. As a personal project, I was attempting to develop a content management system that would learn content and propose related tags to the user. The proverbial can of worms opened for machine learning, I found myself delving into various classification algorithms and natural language processing and embarking on more projects, spending countless hours reading about deep learning theory. However, mere ambition does not suffice for these endeavors, and I was simply wandering aimlessly.

It was by mere chance that I happened upon Dr. Vixie giving a talk about his work in Geometric Measure Theory. I recall uttering the words, “I know nothing about what you’ve talked about.” This was the perfect opportunity to dive headfirst into the unknown, and after further talks, Dr. Vixie was keen enough to help me land on my feet. I was lent a copy of Geometric Measure Theory: A Beginner’s Guide by Frank Morgan — which sufficed to ignite an intense interest in the area, and a new path was illuminated for me. This was my first introduction to mathematical analysis under the lens of measure theory.

I am very likely the least mathematically mature member of the group, yet the subject of analysis remains as an incredibly exciting window. For me, there seems to be no delineation of science and art, as there is merely the relentless cultivation of skill and intuition. There is an impetus to be both creative and meticulous when it comes to solving problems in analysis. Of course, there exists the metaphorical drought of ideas, moments where plucking ideas for solutions is more akin to pulling teeth – but with a some nudging and nurturing from mentors and colleagues, the path becomes apparent.

Quite some time has passed since that spark was set along my declaration of ignorance, much of my time has been spent towards learning about non-linear analysis and neural networks.
I am still quite sure that I still know nothing – if not, a little more, but I remain in the company of bright and brilliant minds that simply desire to know more.
All I know for now… is that good things take time.

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