Rui Huang


Mathematics has always been my favorite subject, and it is beautiful and fascinating like art to me. Its beauty lies in how a succinct conclusion can come out of a pile of intricate things and how you have to be rigorous and creative at the same time. I studied Actuarial Science for my bachelor degree in Central Washington University. During my undergrad study, I dealt with a lot of probabilistic problems including establishing loss models from given data, and mathematics problems of investment and credits and I enjoyed it to a very good extent. However, it is a discipline interrelated with my curriculums though heavily relying on mathematics still not focused enough on mathematics, and society nowadays is looking for cutting edge experts not just someone who knows a little bit of everything. Hence seeking to better training myself and my enchanted fond of mathematics had eventually driven me to go to a graduate school, and that was the wisest decision I have ever made. I found that the graduate school here nurtures me — it re-ignited my heart to learn and appreciate the beauty of Mathematics. My current degree pursuit is a Master Degree in Computational Finance, and I am likely to make a commitment to pursue a Ph.D. degree (I found that learning is a very intriguing thing and the enormous things that I found I know little of just humbles me and makes me shut up and just to learn more).

My research topic will be about high-dimensional and infinite-dimensional risk management focusing on mathematical risk theory and data-driven risk analysis for large-scale stochastic systems operating in dynamic random environments. My goal now is to rock both finance and mathematics world.

Finally, I am really thrilled that I found this data + analysis group Dr. Vixie is leading, a group full of intelligent, vibrant, helpful and fun people whose energy and knowledge are constantly impacting me, and I am so happy that I can be a part of it where I get to observe, interact and learn; I can see that this is going to be a very exciting and worthwhile experience.

Contact Info:

Cell: 509.607.1917