Sahar Nesaei


I studied biomedical engineering for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. During both, I was passionate about creating something new that touches the world of electronics, computer programming, and the human body in a combined fashion. I started by my writing code in C for popular games, implementing electrical circuits with their electronic devices and microcontrollers, and developing software for creative filters in the frequency domain for improved skin lesion classification. I started the training for a PhD in this field, and also did some research on how to predict epileptic seizures via nonlinear analysis of the system dynamics of EEG. I also worked as a lecturer at some universities. I gained further understanding of academic life and work, as well as practical experiences during these years.

However, I soon realized what intrigues me most is something more fundamental: the theoretical and mathematical concepts behind each application! I became passionate about exploring the field of applied mathematics. The untimely loss of my mother to cancer evolved by interest in computational biology—in particular, techniques to find patterns in cancer data using advanced techniques from computational mathematics. I realized doctoral work in applied and computational mathematics is what I was looking for. I contacted my advisor Bala Krishnamoorthy in September 2014 for this purpose. Although my student visa application was rejected four times (!), I remained strong and persistent. I was finally granted the visa after my fifth interview in June 2016, and it was a dream come true. As an enthusiastic student, I hope to gain deeper understanding of the fields of algebraic topology and optimization, and contribute to the development of new techniques for biomedical data analysis.

Contact info:

Tel: (360)7261625