Sepideh Nesaei


I got my Master’s degree in Physics/Mathematics. In fact, from the beginning of my undergraduate study, my passion for learning the mathematical language of physics as well as computer programming was to such an extent that I was at the top of my class in most of the pertinent courses, was granted special training in physics, and got third place in a competition on the subject of quantum mechanics. I also published two research papers. I benefited much from the strong and open academic environment where I was studying, and consequently, I gained a deeper insight of the beauty of science and mathematics. But after some self-scrutiny, I found my deepest interest is in the mathematical and logical language employed to describe the systems I was studying. Unfortunately, my graduation coincided with a serious disaster my family, when we lost my mother to cancer. I started teaching at some universities as a lecturer and tutor in physics and mathematics, and I taught most of the theoretical undergraduate courses in addition to medical Physics and physics Laboratories. Through my teaching experience, I understood the value of diligent research and its direct impact on the way the subjects are being taught. Thus I decided to pursue a PhD in Mathematics at WSU. I found Bala Krishnamoorthy’s research in computational biology, algebraic topology, and optimization fascinating, and decided to work with him. I am eager to make important contributions to advance the state-of-the-art in problems related to these areas.

Contact info:

Tel: (360)2816740