Vladyslav Oles


I am engaged to a crossover between Mathematics and Computer Science – and this is about what usually called a social stance or a lifestyle, not just an area of specialization. Also this is about what usually called Applied Mathematics.

I was 20 when I first acknowledged a concept of machine learning during my System Analysis Master study back in Kiev, Ukraine. I was amused by an idea how similar to human a computer can be with decision-making, or rather how similar to formal (yet rich with details) machine algorithms our thinking processes are. Obviously, my next step was to combine my programming skills with this discovery, so in the next few years (also way after graduating with a degree) I was absorbedly trying myself in creating software that involved data mining, expert system modules and linguistic analysis.

It has taken couple more years for me to realize that my main job (which was regular database- and software-related IT stuff) is boring and lacks self-improvement for me. So finally the decision was made to go for something unknown, challenging, yet promising and beckoning, and I’m speaking here of PhD study in Applied Math. I got in contact with Alex Panchenko in September 2013, and thanks to all the steps we took since then, I am now here
at WSU, pushing myself to discover power of analysis under his supervision.

To conclude – things turn to be way easier than one would afraid. So don’t hesitate to change your life by doing what you’re passionate about; at least you won’t regret you didn’t try.

email: vladyslav.oles@wsu.edu
Tel: (509) 715-7017