Yufeng Cao



I first became interested in mathematics through my first graduate Professor, Zhong Wang, whose specialty was operator and spectral theory. He always told me that when you know operator theory, you can learn easily learn other things . This idea of his stuck with me. But at that time, I did not think I would become a professional research mathematician. I thought I would get a degree and find a job.

But when I graduated, I got a chance to study in the United State. I didn’t expect that, but knew I should grab this opportunity and keep going.

At the University of Texas-Pan Am, I worked with Professor, Zhijun Qiao, who has a very wide research expertise, including Integrable Systems, PDE’s, Image Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, and Radar Image Reconstructions. There I met a lot great professors and studied hard. What interested me most was PDE’s from Image analysis PDEs. It was inspiring! I loved the fact that it was analysis and very useful. I decided I could not stop with a Masters.

Fortunately, I got the chance to join Professor Kevin Vixie’s group and even though I have been here a short time (only two months as I write this) I already know that I came to the right group. With Professor Vixie and his other students, I am filling gaps in knowledge and beginning to find a research problem to work on and discover my muse, which will carry me through to completion.

Finally, a little bit of philosophy that drives me: Life is a challenge, it is hard, it requires work. Why should I not study hard? I am happy that I have found a place where it is fun and rewarding to study and work hard.

Contact info:

Web: http://geometricanalysis.org/YufengCao
Email: ycao1@hotmail.com
Tel: 509-432-6680