GMT Session Speaker: Yunfeng Hu

Median Shapes

Abstract: In this talk, I will talk about median shapes, where the shapes are represented by currents and the distance is the flat norm. Under this setting, I will first verify the existence of medians and then prove some results for medians of currents with shared boundaries in codimension 1. At last, I will show an example for medians in codimension 2.

Coauthors: M. Hudelson, B. Krishnamoorthy, A. Tumurbaatar, and K.R. Vixie

Biographical Information: Yunfeng received his undergraduate degree in China after which he taught middle school for awhile. His passion for mathematics led him back to work on a PhD at WSU-Pullman working with Kevin R. Vixie and Bala Krishnamoorthy. He plans to defend within a year and is interested in exploring work at various national and industrial labs after he finishes his PhD — an idea he will explore more thoroughly through an data science internship at Emsi this coming summer.