Panel Discussion on Internships

From 12:00 until 2:00 pm on the 23rd of April, 2017 as a part of the American Mathematical Society Sectional Meeting in Pullman, we are organizing a lunch (free for students!), a lunchtime talk and panel discussion with mathematicians and scientists with experience in industry and the national labs. Each of the panelists had internships that were critically important to their career. Additionally, the panelists and recruiters from industry will be present to connect with students and early career folk.

The panel will be held in Room 518 of the CUE Building on the Pullman Campus.

Lunch Talk:

  Clint Cole, Co-Founder Philips HeartStart AED and Co-Founder of Digilent


Emilie Purvine, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Rick Chartrand, Descartes Labs

Humberto Godinez, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Sharif Ibrahim, Intel

Cliff Joslyn, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Eric Larson, UCLA and Los Alamos National Laboratory

Gavin Smith, Intel

Matt Sottile, Noddle


Kevin R. Vixie, Washington State University and Sailfan Research


Laramie Paxton, Washington State University

Justin Theriot, Emsi and Washington State University