COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

William Hall

Assistant Professor
Office: Neill 219
Phone: (509) 335-3170
Fax: (509) 335-1188

Current Course Documents - MATH 100


  • [2017] Ph.D. Mathematics Education, North Carolina State University
  • [2010] M.S.T. Mathematics Education, University of Maine
  • [2007] B.A. Mathematics, University of Maine

Research Interests

  • Teaching and learning of calculus
  • Professional identity of preservice and inservice secondary mathematics teachers

Courses Taught

Course Number Course Name Syllabus
MATH 140 Calculus for Life Scientists Spring 18, 19
MATH 330 Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics Fall 17, 18
MATH 532 Advanced Mathematical Thinking Spring 18
MATH 533 Teaching College Mathematics Fall 18


Selected Intellectual Contributions

Keene, K., Fortune, N. & Hall, W. (2018). Supporting Mathematics Faculty’s Instructional Change: Using Class Videos in an Online Working Group. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Hall, W. (2018). The role of context in how students majoring in the biological and life sciences solve calculus tasks involving the definite integral. Presentation at the Joint Mathematics Meeting. San Diego, CA.

Hall, W. (2018). How does problem context shape students’ mathematical reasoning on calculus accumulation tasks? Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education. San Diego, CA.

Hall, W., Keene, K., & Fortune, N. (January, 2016). Measuring student conceptual understanding: The case of Euler’s method. Presentation at the Joint Mathematics Meeting. Seattle, WA.

Keene, K., Hall, W., & Duca, A. (2014). Sequence limits in calculus: Using design research and building on intuition to support instruction. ZDM - The International Journal on Mathematics Education, 46(4), 561-574. doi:10.1007/s11858-014-0597-8.

Hall, W., Hall, M., & Burns, A. (2013) Writing in high school mathematics with MINDSET. Presentation at the North Carolina Writing Symposium. Raleigh, NC.

Keene, K., Hall, W., & Duca, A. (2012). Using design research to develop an activity to introduce limit of a sequence: Getting back to Sesame Street. In S. Brown, S. Larsen, K. Marrongelle, and M. Oehrtman (Eds.), Proceedings of the 15th Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Portland, OR.

Keene, K., Dietz, R., Holstein, K., Hall, W., & Wright, S. (2012). Teacher change and agency in a curriculum development project. In Van Zoest, L. R., Lo, J. J., & Kratky, J. L. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 34th annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University.

Hall, W. (2010). Student misconceptions of the language of calculus: Definite and indefinite in- tegrals. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Raleigh, NC

Invited Talks

Hall, W. (2015). Multi-criteria decision making: Workshop from the MINDSET curriculum. In- vited workshop at No Question Left Behind: Bringing Guided-Inquiry Curricula into Science and Mathematics Classrooms conference.