Department of Mathematics

Math 300: Mathematical Computing

Assignment 7

In this assignment, you must create a Beamer presentation that mimics this one. Obviously, since your name is different from that of the author of the sample document, there will be changes to your version to customize it for your surname. Observe that there are two align environments in the document. Note also that the first alignment is of a cosine function with the plus sign, while in the second, the equals signs are aligned, but continuation lines for the second equation are shifted to the right of the equals sign by a \qquad. If your name is long enough to require two or more continuations, all the continuation lines will be aligned.

The beamer document uses t,10pt arguments to the \documentclass statement. It uses a Berlin presentation theme, with a beaver color theme and a serif font theme.

The assignment is turned in when the instructor receives that .tex file as an attachment to an email. The assignment is worth 25 points, and is due at 9:00 on Tuesday, 24 October.

A solution for the final is available.

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