Department of Mathematics

Math 300: Mathematical Computing

Assignment 9

You will write a function script called chebexpansion which computes a Chebyshev polynomial approximation to any function we specify. Specifically your function will satisfy the following criteria.

Once your function is working, you will use it to plot Chebyshev polynomial approximations of degree 12 to the three functions you created in Assignment 8. The plots will look something like that in Figure 1. Observe the following things about the plot.

Figure 1: Chebyshev approximation to the Cooper function.

You will turn in two things for this assignment: the function script file called chebexpansion.m; and a script in which you call that function in the course of plotting those three degree-twelve approximations. The assignment is turned in when the two .m files containing the scripts are received as attachments to an email message in the instructor's inbox. The assignment is worth 40 points, and is due at 9:00 on Tuesday, 7 November.

A solution for the final is available.

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