Department of Mathematics

Math 300: Mathematical Computing

Maple ICE

  1. Open Maple and read in a data file with two columns, found at /usr2/test300/hal.dat.
  2. Load the LinearAlgebra package.
  3. Make a vector called year that contains the first column of the array you read in step 1.
  4. Make a vector called y that contains the second column of the array you read in step 1.
  5. Create a matrix whose first column is all ones; whose second column is the year vector, and whose third column is a vector whose entries are the squares of those in the year vector. Call the matrix A.
  6. Solve ATAx = ATy to find x.
  7. Define model = Ax.
  8. Plot the year vector against the y vector in a point style, and the year vector against the model vector in a line style, all on the same set of axes.

Assignment C is posted.

The test solution is available.

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