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LaTeX Packages

LaTeX is very useful in its own right, but what makes it overwhelmingly powerful is all the additional packages that people all over the world have developed for it over the many years of its existence. Some of these packages are all but essential. For example, we have seen that the best way to get an image into a document is to use the graphicx package:
Likewise, we can use other packages to gain a good deal of power in typesetting our documents. Here are some of the most useful packages.

PackageUseSample Macros
amsfonts Additional mathematical fonts \mathbb
amsmath Additional mathematical macros \align
amssymb Additional mathematical symbols \daleth
color Put color in documents \textcolor{color}{text}
\definecolor{name}{rgb}{rgb triplet}
enumerate Extra enumeration options \begin{enumerate}[a)]
float Create new floating environments \floatstyle
graphicx Insert graphics \includegraphics
leqno Put equation numbers on left side
sidecap Place caption beside figure \begin{SCfigure}
subfig Place figures side by side \subfloat[caption]{includegraphics...}
wrapfig Float figure to side \begin{wrapfigure}{pos}{width}

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