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Maple Packages

Bare-bones Maple is quite powerful, but Maple provides a number of packages that dramatically enhance its usefulness. These include packages to enlarge plotting capabilities, do linear algebra, generate random numbers, and other useful things. A list of just a few such packages follows.

PackagePurposeExample Procedures
DEtoolsDifferential Equations DEplot, autonomous, varparam, poincare
ExceltoolsFacilitate access to MS Excel Export, Import
GraphTheoryCreate, test and draw graphs DrawGraph, Graph, Digraph
LinearAlgebraCalculations with matrices and vectors Transpose, Determinant, Dimension, Eigenvalues
MathMLTranslate to and from MathML Export, Import
numtheoryNumber Theory cfrac, kronecker, fermat, rootsunity
orthopolyOrthogonal Polynomials G, H, L, P, T
plotsFancy Plots contourplot3d, implicitplot, display, loglogplot, polygonplot
RandomToolsRandom number generation Generate, MersenneTwister, GetState
RootFindingFind roots numerically Analytic, EnclosingBox, NextZero
XMLToolsManipulate XML files AddAttribute, HasAttribute, IsAttribute, CleanXML

There are a couple of ways to use packages. The easiest is simply to load the entire package into Maple using the with command.


On the other hand, there are times when memory is at a premium, or when you only need a single procedure from the package. In that case it is probably better to load only what you need. In that case you can call a procedure by naming the package in which it resides, followed by the procedure name in brackets. Remember that this is just a long way to specify a procedure: after that comes the usual argument list.


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