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Math 315: Differential Equations

Maple - Phase Portraits

The phaseportrait command provides an easy and clean way to plot direction fields and solution curves of 1- and 2-D systems. Its syntax is very like that for the dfieldplot command.

  phaseportrait(DEs,dependent variables,t range,[ICs],dependent variable ranges);
For example, we could plot a couple of solutions to the differential equation y' = y cos y using the command
which yields the image below.

We can use this same function for second order equations or 2-D systems. For example, if we want to plot a phase portrait for the second order equation y'' + (cos y) y = 0, then we first convert it to a system:
y' = z
z' = -y cos y
and then apply the phaseportrait function to that.

  DE1 := diff(y(t),t) = z(t);
  DE2 := diff(z(t),t) = -y(t)*cos(y(t));
This produces the plot

There are a few things worth noting here. First, the solution curves are traced both forwards and backwards in time. Without actually plotting a point where the IC is located, you will not be able to identify the initial point. Second, note that the function plots a direction field for autonomous equations, but does not do that for the 2-D case if the equation is not autonomous. Changing the equation to
y' = z
z' = -y cos t
and applying the phaseportrait function to that

  DE1 := diff(y(t),t) = z(t);
  DE2 := diff(z(t),t) = -y(t)*cos(t);
produces the plot

The point is that since the equation is no longer autonomous, then solutions can cross and so on, so the notion of direction field is no longer meaningful. Of course, we could make the equation autonomous by inserting a third variable, but we can't do 3-D phaseportraits with this function.

This class will run from Monday, 7 June, until Friday, 30 July.

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There is a sample final exam posted. The tables you will have available are also posted.

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