Department of Mathematics

Math 315: Differential Equations

M315 Projects

This class will run from Monday, 7 June, until Friday, 30 July.

I have started posting homework. It will be due each week on Wednesday, during class. I will usually not post the entire week's homework at once. Check this every day to see what is up. Homework assigned on Tuesdays will not be due until the following week.

The TA for this class is Giang Trinh. He holds office hours from 3:00 to 4:20 every Monday and Friday. Go see him if you have questions about homework grading, or if you cannot make the instructor's hours, or if you just prefer his explanations.

The final exam will take place on Thursday, 29 July, from 6-9 PM in our usual classroom, Wegner G1. Class will be cancelled on Thursday and Friday, 29 and 30 July, to compensate for this special lengthened exam time. The instructor will be present in the classroom at the normal class time on Thursday for an optional help session.

There is a sample final exam posted. The tables you will have available are also posted.

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