WSU Vancouver Mathematics and Statistics Seminar

WSU Vancouver Mathematics and Statistics Seminar (Spring 2018)

Welcome to the WSU Vancouver Seminar in Mathematics and Statistics! The Seminar meets on Wednesdays at 1:10-2 PM in VLIB 240. This is the building marked "H" in the campus map, and is near the Undergraduate building (marked "N") where all Math/Stat faculty have offices. The seminar is open to the public, and here is some information for visitors.

Students could sign up for Math 592 (titled Seminar in Analysis) for 1 credit. Talks will be given by external speakers, as well as by WSUV faculty and students. Contact the organizer Bala Krishnamoorthy if you want to invite a speaker, or to give a talk.

Seminars from previous semesters

Date Speaker Topic Slides
Jan 10 No seminar     Science on Tap Lecture by Leslie New
Jan 17 Angelica Osorno, Reed College Why should we care about category theory?

Abstract (click to read)

One of the first mathematical concepts we learn as children is counting, and when we do so, we think of counting the number of elements in a specific set. Soon after, we forget about sets and we just consider the abstract numbers themselves. This abstraction simplifies many things, but it also makes us forget about some structure that we had when we were thinking about sets. That structure can be encoded by a category. In this talk we will describe certain concepts in category theory, and you will realize that in most of your mathematics classes you have been working with categories, you just didn't know about it. There will be plenty of examples that will show that category theory provides a unifying language for mathematics, and that many constructions are more naturally understood when they are seen through the categorical lens.

Jan 24
Jan 31 Andrew Bray, Reed College

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