It’s IN ME…is it in YOU?
IN ME is a day of cooperative mathematics activities for sophomores or juniors in high school.  The main purposes of IN ME are to promote interest in mathematics, peak curiosity and intrigue about the world and mathematics, and to acquaint students with the mathematics program at WSU.  IN ME features activities in which the students will be actively doing mathematics, so come prepared to think, laugh and work together.  The events include collaboration with mathematics preservice teachers at WSU and integration with uses of technology to do mathematics.  Enclosed are a registration form and a poster to hang in your room.
The Second Annual IN ME for High School students will be held Friday, November 5, 2004 at Washington State University, Pullman Campus (a schedule with room locations will be mailed to registered participating teachers). Please plan on arriving by 8:30 for our welcoming address; the last activity will end at 2 p.m. 
Events Include Three Activities:
Math in Motion-using a Motion Detector
Explorations with Geometry Sketchpad or Fathom
Problem Solving in the Real World

TEACHERS will be given copies of all activities and another surprise!
“I was glad that I could bring my students and give both groups (WSU and high school students) an  opportunity to learn.”          ---Guest Teacher, ‘03        
DEADLINE:  The deadline for registration is October 22, 2004.  Confirmation will be sent via email. We are limited to 100 students so registration is on first come first serve basis.
“I learned that you can do many forms of math without paper and pencils.  I had a blast learning new things with the computer and the CBL.”
  --Middle School Student, ‘03
“I would do it again, because it was a great experience to be able to go to college.”
 --High School Student, ‘03
“I thought that math day at WSU was fun because we got to learn math by doing hands-on experiments instead of just reading a book.”
 --Middle School Student, ‘03
We look forward to seeing you at the Second Annual IN ME at WSU!