About the Analysis+Data Group

Pure analysis includes a large range of sub-disciplines in mathematics. Our group includes people who are experts in harmonic analysis, probability, partial differential equations, and geometric measure theory as well as those with expertise in applied areas like optimization and dynamical systems.

Big data is a big deal these days. Everybody has it. Everybody knows that they are probably not using it, exploiting it, understanding it as well as they could. And the flood of data and opportunities for those with insights into data, will only continue to grow.

These two areas are symbiotic. Because the interface between the pure analysis areas and applied data analysis problems is extremely rich, each brings the other to life, that each is poorer in the absence of the other. But insights from analysis are just beginning to be explored and exploited in hard data problems. And the power of the applications to insert completely new ideas into the pure research areas is also relatively unexplored.

We are a group of seven mathematical scientists who, together with our students and associates, are dedicated both to research and teaching in purer analysis areas as well as a parallel program of research and teaching in the study and illumination of data analysis questions.

Note: As of July 2018, this group is essentially disbanded, though pieces remain active here and there. The website will be preserved in a state that was up to date summer 2017. For more information on the current state of affairs, see this page